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Vision & Change (for higher education)

General Biology Competencies Classifications
Apply the process of Science (29)
Communicate and Collaborate with other disciplines (6)
Tap into the interdisciplinary nature of science (9)
Understand the relationship between Science and Society (16)
Use modeling and simulation (15)
Use quantitative reasoning (24)

View Resource Catching ANOVA through mosquitoes

This activity is designed to show students how to perform an ANOVA using RStudio. To integrate the lesson plan with course content in an undergraduate ecology lecture course, students read an accessible scientific article (Chase & Knight 2003) that explores interaction between abiotic (climate and habitat permanence) and biotic (competition & predation) environmental conditions on the population...


Publisher: EcoEd Digital Library

View Resource 4DEE Activity - Estimation of Animal Population Size

This activity is a lab exercise that teaches students how to estimate animal population size. It covers two main techniques: Mark and Recapture (MR) and Capture Per Unit Effort (C/UE). The MR methods include the Lincoln-Petersen and the Schumacher-Eschmeyer approaches. Three approaches for the C/UE method are also included. This exercise is aligned with the Ecological Society of America's Four...


Publisher: EcoEd Digital Library

View Resource Transforming Ecology Courses to 4D

This brochure describes how to evaluate courses for ecology and biology majors in alignment with the Four-Dimensional Ecology Education (4DEE) framework and provides guidelines for transforming majors’ courses into the comprehensive, real world problem-solving approach needed to train current and future environmental professionals.


Publisher: EcoEd Digital Library

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