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Vision & Change (for higher education) -- Understand the relationship between Science and Society

View Resource Pulp Fiction? The Science of Papermaking

Using claymation, this video illustrates the process by which plant cells make cellulose microfibrils. Important for the structure and support of the plant, human culture has been forever changed by the development of paper made from these strands of cellulose.


Publisher: EconBotEd Digital Library

View Resource Caribbean Medicinal Teas and Bush Baths

This is a conference workshop but can be adapted for a laboratory exercise.


Publisher: EconBotEd Digital Library

View Resource Dendrology Syllabus

This syllabus is used for a 300-level dendrology course.


Publisher: EconBotEd Digital Library

View Resource Investigating the footprint of climate change on phenology and ecological interactions in north-central North America

The ecological questions in this exercise are: 1) Have long-term temperatures changed throughout Ohio? 2) How will these temperature changes impact plant and animal phenology, ecological interactions, and, as a result, species diversity? This exercise is designed to give students experience working with large datasets and to allow them to use real ecological data to evaluate long-term...


Publisher: EcoEd Digital Library

View Resource Issues in Ecology, Issue 16: The Role of Landscape Connectivity in Planning and Implementing Conservation and Restoration Priorities

Many conservation efforts focus on protecting and enhancing connectivity to offset the impacts of habitat loss and fragmentation on biodiversity conservation, and to increase the resilience of reserve networks to potential threats associated with climate change. Identifying effective approaches for maintaining and restoring connectivity poses several challenges, and our understanding of how...


Publisher: EcoEd Digital Library

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