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Tree Measurement and Carbon Cycling: A Laboratory Exercise

This article discusses the importance of teaching current environmental issues through laboratory exercises. It describes the methods that would be used in a lab exercise involving tree measurement to explain biogeochemical cycling of carbon in the atmosphere.
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Keywords carbon; carbon cycle; carbon storage; carbon sequestration; tree; wood; car; automobile; back of the envelope calculation; carbon dioxide
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Pedagogical Use Description This should be used as a guide for a laboratory exercise about biogeochemical cycling of carbon.
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Subject: Comment On: Tree Measurement and Carbon Cycling: A Laboratory Exercise
Posted By: SwamperPaul
Date Posted: 2015-10-17 09:48:31
CORRECTION: the equation in the Appendix used to estimate grams carbon emitted while burning a liter of gasoline, should be 591 g C/L (not 49.3). Contact me with any questions (weihep [at]