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Year to year variability in survivorship for the summer annual Erucastrum gallicum

This figure shows survivorship curves for spring cohorts of the summer annual plant Erucastrum gallicum (Brassicaceae) growing in the Jamesville Quarry, Syracuse, NY. It shows how survivorship varies markedly from year to year, due mainly to variability in rainfall. Survivorship approximated a Deevey Type I function in 1976, a year with abundant rain. Survivorship followed a Type III pattern in 1977 due to heavy seedling mortality during a spring drought. Survivorship resembled a Type II pattern in 1978 - a year with alternating periods of drought and abundant rain.
Temporal and geographic description Jamesville Limestone Quarry, Onondaga County, New York during the summers of 1976-1978
Legend (figures or tables) Survivorship curves for spring cohorts of the summer annual herb Erucastrum gallicum (Brassicaceae) at the Jamesville Limestone Quarry, Syracuse, NY.
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Keywords summer, annual, herb, survivorship, Deevey, year-to-year variability
Key taxa Erucastrum gallicum
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Pedagogical Use Description This resource can be used in lectures dealing with survivorship in populations. It illustrates that survivorship patterns may change markedly from one year to another - especially when the environment is variable.
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