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Visualizing a Disease Outbreak Using ESRI Story Maps

At the end of this activity, students will demonstrate their ability to understand basic principles of disease transmission, convey real epidemiological data as visual stories, and develop a plan to handle a “real” outbreak. Instructors may evaluate students’ knowledge and comprehension of the basic principles of disease transmission by analyzing how students’ initial and final hypotheses changed throughout the exercise, as well as by assessing the introductory section of their presentations. Students will demonstrate their ability to apply their understanding of disease ecology to a real situation by reporting how an outbreak evolved over time, expressed through dynamic maps in their presentations. Instructors may assess the students’ presentations for both Story Map accuracy and ability to synthesize information in order to create a plan to handle the outbreak. The “Guidelines for Student Assessment” in the Faculty Notes section explicitly link the initial skills outcomes with the learning objectives by providing several ways for students to demonstrate their learning of the skills.
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