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Ecological Core Concepts -- Landscapes and larger scales

Discipline Specific Core Concepts Classifications
Biodiversity patterns at larger scales (15)
Biomes (2)
Global biogeochemical cycles (3)
Paleoecology (1)
Spatial heterogeneity and connectivity (14)

View Resource Issues in Ecology, Issue 14: Setting Limits: Using Air Pollution Thresholds to Protect and Restore U.S. Ecosystems

The purpose of this report is to distill advances in the science of air pollution thresholds and to describe their use to assess, protect and manage the nation’s ecosystems and the vital services they provide. We focus here on the environmental impacts of nitrogen, sulfur, and mercury and refer to connections to climate change. The discussion draws on the published research of hundreds o...


Publisher: EcoEd Digital Library

View Resource Pathways to Scientific Teaching, Chapter 3a of 7: Practicing scientific inquiry: what are the rules?

Ecologists attempt to establish general principles from a vast range of organizational, spatial, and temporal scales (Belovsky et al. 2004). The process of developing generalities in ecology involves two approaches often not addressed in introductory science courses – inductive and deductive. One way of thinking about this is to consider the inductive approach as examining particular cases an...


Publisher: EcoEd Digital Library

View Resource Issues in Ecology, Issue 14: Press Release

This November 2011 press release can be used as an accessible reading assignment to accompany and introduce a discussion of the ecological concepts included in issue #14 of ESA's Issues in Ecology series, "Using air pollution thresholds to protect and restore ecosystem health."


Publisher: EcoEd Digital Library

View Resource Dry rivers, vibrant with culture and life: Press release

A press release for an article addressing the benefits of dry river beds. This article also explores how human manipulation of seasonal water sources for land use disrupts the natural cycle necessary to sustain and function for local biodiversity. This press release is associated with the article When The River Runs Dry: Human and Ecological Values of Dry Riverbeds published in Frontiers in...


Publisher: EcoEd Digital Library
View Resource The Invasive Grass-Fire Cycle in the U.S. Great Basin

Students will exercise critical thinking skills to form a hypothesis on how cheatgrass alters fire behaviors. Students will analyze data and answer questions based on their interpretation of field-based data and satellite data. Using this information, students will collaborate to create maps and graphs. This activity is included in Volume 8 of Teaching Issues and Experiments in Ecology...


Publisher: EcoEd Digital Library

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