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Evolution Core Concepts -- Diversity of Life

View Resource How the Bioblitz Boosts the Zoology Course

Collection of invertebrates on campus, as part of the BioBlitz, increases the interest in students in animals as they get to go out to the field and collect specimens. They also learn about collection techniques and equipment. These activities also provide an opportunity for experimental design. Students are also contributing to the species count of the BioBlitz.


Publisher: EcoEd Digital Library

View Resource Video of the Gram Stain Procedure for Biology Laboratory

This video shows the procedure for conducting the Gram stain. Step-by-step instructions and comparisons of gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria are provided to show viewers how to conduct the protocol.


Publisher: PlantEd Digital Library

View Resource Size, Niches, and the Latitudinal Diversity Gradient

Species diversity generally increases in the tropics but testing theories that explain this phenomenon is challenging. Here we use body size to quantify niches in ecological communities and explore how species diversify towards the equator.


Publisher: EcoEd Digital Library