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Ecological Core Concepts -- Ecosystems -- Biogeochemical cycling

View Resource Where Does Water Go When it Rains?

This short film includes interviews with water researchers and presents basic concepts of hydrologic cycle. Understanding where water goes is important for understanding the environmental effects of many of our activities, from land development to fertilizer use or how will harvesting trees change the likelihood of flooding or landslides.


Publisher: EcoEd Digital Library
View Resource Issues in Ecology, Issue 01: Human Alteration of the Global Nitrogen Cycle: Causes and Consequences

This report presents an overview of how humans have altered the global nitrogen cycle. An introduction to the nitrogen cycle is provided; as well as human induced nitrogen fixation and its impact on the atmosphere, carbon cycle, aquatic and terrestrial ecosystem function, and biodiversity. The importance of nitrogen as a primary building block of life and its role in biological processes is also...


Publisher: EcoEd Digital Library

View Resource Tree Measurement and Carbon Cycling: A Laboratory Exercise

This article discusses the importance of teaching current environmental issues through laboratory exercises. It describes the methods that would be used in a lab exercise involving tree measurement to explain biogeochemical cycling of carbon in the atmosphere.


Publisher: EcoEd Digital Library

View Resource Issues in Ecology, Issue 03: Non Point Pollution of Surface Waters

This report addresses pollution of aquatic ecosystems that originate from multiple unidentified sources or non point sources. Non point sources of phosphorus and nitrogen are of concern as they cause eutrophication or excessive enrichment of surface waters. Effects and remediation strategies are discussed. Non point sources, such as agricultural, urban and atmospheric ones are discussed. ...


Publisher: EcoEd Digital Library

View Resource Issues in Ecology, Issue 07: Nutrient Pollution of Coastal Rivers, Bays, and Seas

This report addresses coastal ecosystem degradation as a consequence of human driven increases in nutrients such as Nitrogen and Phosphorus. Effects on ecological communities such as algal blooms, loss of seagrass beds, and coral leaching are described. Excess nitrogen is emphasized as being the limiting nutrient in coastal systems. Political and scientific consideration to support the control...


Publisher: EcoEd Digital Library

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