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About EvoEd

EvoEd is an online educational resource maintained by the Society for the Study of Evolution, a professional society with members around the world that promotes the study and understanding of organic evolution.  This web resource is part of a suite of similar web resources established under the Digital Resource Discovery Project with support from the National Science Foundation Leadership the DRL was provided by the Ecological Society of America. 

More information about the overall Digital Resource Discovery Project can be found through the following links

The inital Digital Library was EcoEdDL, established by the Ecological Society of America (ESA), the largest community of professional ecologists and a trusted source of professional ecological knowledge. ESA's EcoEdDL is a forum for scientists and educators to locate and contribute peer reviewed resources for 21st century undergraduate ecology education. EcoEdDL strives to foster a community of ecology education users and contributors

Major funding for EcoEdDL comes from:
National Science Foundation - 2010-2012
AAAS (with funds from National Science Foundation) - 2006-2009

EvoEdDL Board of Reviewing Editors

Richard Kliman, Cedar Crest College 

Jeff Dudycha, University of South Carolina

Tom Meagher, St. Andrews University

Luana Maroja, Williams College

Samantha Price, University of California - Davis

Jim Smith, Michigan State University

Robert Thomson, University of Hawaii