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General Biology Core Concepts is Next Generation Science Standards (for K-12)
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View Resource A visit to the miniature forest Insights into the biology and evolution of Bryophytes in Northeastern Connecticut

The naturalist walking through the forests and wetlands of Northeastern Connecticut searches for the hidden flowers and listens to the songs of the birds. The mosses and liverworts that cover the...

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View Resource Exploring Energy Transformations in Plants

The ability to explain the processes by which plants capture, store and use energy for growth and development is fundamental to understanding bioenergy. In this set of lessons, students investigate...

View Resource Life Cycle Assessment of Biofuels 101

When selecting alternative fuels, it is important to consider the relative advantages and disadvantages of each. This activity asks students to begin to consider the life cycle energy and carbon...

View Resource UndergraduateCoreConcepts

Plant Biology Core Concepts for Undergraduates

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